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The WINGS newsletter is published monthly on the fifth day of the month. Each edition will focus primarily on one of the issues that WINGS deals with. Other articles will appear as needed, but the primary focus will be on one topic. Each issue will always contain the list of hotlines.
Please feel free to download, or print each issue. We ask that you print out the current issue and make as many copies as you feel your particular area can use. We also request that you pass this on to others so that they may subscribe. There is a link available on this site to do that.
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Taking Wing
June 5, 2007 Edition
My Brother's Testimony
By Paize Fiddler
My youngest brother was sexually abused by two gay men when he was very little, not even 9 years old yet, I believe. The event was psychologically so powerful and strange that (I'll call him Mike) Mike shoved it way down deep into his subconscious, unable to think about it and without the first idea how to even approach our very religious parents with the fact of what had happened. He simply buried it, and tried to forget it. Read more...
A Mother's Commentary
By Danielle Calhoun
I have never in my life eperienced child abuse in the home, but it saddens me the things that I see in the news these days. I am a physically challenged mother of one, and have always to this day been afraid of being accused of that action. Read more...
Blameless Without Guilt
By Anonymous
Can a parent be blamed for what they don't know? If a father molests his daughter and nobody tells the mother blameless? If a young brother introduces a younger sister to sexual intercourse and no one tells the mother, is the mother blameless? Is there truly some sort of built-in radar that comes with childbirth that automatically tips a mother to what is going on in her own home if all other family members are determined to hide it from her? Read more...
Psychology of the Pedaphile
By Joyce A. Anthony
Nine-tenths of all pedophiles are male. They are fascinated by preteen females, teenage males, or (more rarely) both. What is the psychological disorder that is behind this? Below we will examine the psychology of the pedophile's mind. Read more...
Take Action to Protect Children Online
On Monday of this week, provided a number of state Attorney Generals with data on registered sex offenders who use the popular social networking website. Even though action may soon be taken to eliminate sex offenders from using MySpace, it is important to keep in mind that it is still up to you to keep children safe online. Make sure you "Minimize Opportunity" for sex offenders to interact with children; keep the computer in a centralized location so you can monitor your child's usage. Also, if you have your own Myspace or Facebook page, place a Darkness to Light banner on it to demonstrate your commitment to child safety. Just click here:
National Hotline numbers
This list will be updated regularly. To include numbers not found here, please post to the webmaster with contact information. Hotline List...

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