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I have never in my life experienced child abuse in the home, but it saddens me the things that I see on the news these days. I am a physically challenged mother of one, and have always been afraid of being accused of that action.


My son and I were pretty much left to go home and never return to the place at which he was born. A week or so after that, a good friend of mine lost a child who was being watched over by CYS of Johnstown, PA. I saw abuse there, not personally, but in the way that they handled our two cases. Like the mother who used her child as a weapon against her boyfriend, or the other mother, who allowed her child to get out of the house and wander on a freeway, I see that as abuse.


Child abuse comes in many forms, and through others, I have experienced it, through what they have told me and what I have read over the years plus the things that I have seen on the news.

Child abuse in America is at an all time high, and all the government can do is give some of these people a slap on the wrist until it is too late, such was the case of Yates, who drowned her own children in their bathroom.


I believe that as a single mother, I am doing a wonderful job in raising my child, but when I see the other mothers on the news, and elsewhere, it sickens me to the point I actually cry.


Another type of abuse I have been witness to is war, for there are many children now who have lost limbs, lives, and families to this thing that I do not believe in.


Although I believe that there is a reason for this to happen, I believe that the innocents need to be better protected. It is not their fault they get caught in the crossfire, and neither is it their fault when their parents are arrested, killed, dead and/or buried.


Child abuse, in my mind, is a never ending cycle and it must be stopped, I only hope and pray that there will come a day when someone, somewhere will be able to put a stop to the Amber Alerts, the pedophilia, and the likes.

I don’t believe that we as a society can sit back and watch this happen anymore. I believe that now is the time for us to take a more firm stand and protect our future.

Global warming, an issue in itself, is not on my mind. No, it is far from it, but the safety and welfare of my child and many others that are first and foremost in my mind, and I only hope and pray that it will come to a stop.


Danielle Calhoun, is a Poet, Writer, Webmaster

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